The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education

Teaching Practice for Student Teachers of B. Ed Programme Issues, Predicaments & Suggestions


In teacher training programme (B.Ed) period of teaching practice is considered as very demanding, hectic and exhaustive. Yet the essence of teacher training lies in it. Every year student teachers are sent for teaching practice to different schools. This period extends approximately for 21-25 days. On returning to department, as per practice, student teachers share their views, concerns, experiences and gains with their lecturers in evaluation session. This feedback proves beneficial while making plans for next session. For last four years, some problems, experiences, impediments remain same for most of the students. This paper takes into account the various predicaments faced by student teachers and ways to strengthen the teaching practice so that reflective teaching practice can be encouraged.

KEYWORDS: Student Teacher; Teaching Practice; Predicaments; Lesson Planning; Evaluation; Reflection; Internship.