REVIEW: The 25th Anniversary OEF A Review of the Literature on the Open Education Faculty in Turkey 1982–2007 (A Revised and Expanded the Fifth Edition)

Reviewed by TOJDE

From beginning 1982 to December 2007, many studies have been conducted dealing with Anadolu’s Open Education Faculty and its application as being thesis, article, book, or report, publishing media and the papers presented in some seminars, nationally and international for discussing on some aspects of OEF’s. As being a problem statement of this study it can be said that studies have done during 25 years dealing with the application of Open Education Faculty in Turkey and abroad since its beginning. What were their titles?, What were their topics?, Where and How can they be obtained?, What was their bibliographic information and Where have they been published? And what was the importance of the study for the other educationists, researchers who conducted a study on OEF? Etc.