Distance Education And The Incorporation 
Of An Online Learning Activity Into The 
Human Rights Law Course To Promote Deep Learning

Alperhan BABACAN

This paper begins with a brief overview of the current teaching and learning aims and assessment in the Human Rights Law course offered at RMIT University. Although this course has been taught on a face to face basis, in future, it will also be offered to on line students. This calls for new teaching and learning and assessment practices which promote deep learning for those enrolled in distance education. After a brief discussion of the theoretical literature relating to assessment, the paper discusses the perceived benefits of introducing an online learning activity relevant to the aims of the course. The paper then outlines the proposed on line activities and the relevant online tools. How the student will engage with the activity is addressed as is student demonstration of discipline based learning. It will be demonstrated that the overhauling of the existing format of the teaching and learning component relating to the memorandum of advice with online tools and exercises will strengthen and enrich the learning process for students enrolled in distance education and will lead to higher order thinking and deep learning.