Students’ Opinions On Blended Learning


E-learning was acknowledged by most educators and researchers as a savior, even an only alternative in education field, especially in the following years of its emergence. However, with the rise of its limitations, the idea of bringing face-to-face learning and e-learning together to complete each other has occured. Blended learning is a method emerged as a result of this sentiment. The new education alternatives which have been discovered as a consequence of the researches and the studies may seem so engrossing but the crucial points are the consequences derived by implementations and the opinions of the students about them. For this purpose, a survey was carried out at Hacettepe University, Education Faculty, and Biology Education Section. For the research, blended learning was implemented within the frame of Special Teaching Methods course. 20 students who attended to the course constituted the working group. A multiple-choice test of 54 questions was prepared to get students’ opinions and applied to them at the end of the semester. Thus, students’ opinions about the blended learning application were acquired; besides, the opinions in accordance with achievement level and forum page’s frequency of participation in the internet site which is prepared for blended learning application were analyzed. According to the mean () and the standard deviation (ss) that was obtained from the analysis of students’ responses given to the questions, it was determined that the students’ views about the application of blended learning are quite favorable. While analyzing the responses of students who had high success level was more favorable, it was observed that the frequency of participation to the forum pages did not affect the students’ answers.

KEYWORDS: Blended Learning, Face-to-Face Learning, e-Learning, Distance Learning.