Use Of A Content Management System For Blended Learning: 
Perceptions Of Pre-Service Teachers


This study presents the development, implementation and evaluation phases of a content management system to be used in higher education settings in a blended learning environment. The purpose of this study is twofold. First, it is aimed to observe how pre-service teacher trainees interacted within the system when they are given the tool to organize their own communities of learning. Secondly, what are their perceptions of using the system? 65 university students voluntarily participated in this qualitative study. The data was gathered through server statistics, personal interviews, and an open-ended questionnaire. The analyses included descriptive statistics for quantitative and content analysis for the qualitative data. The findings indicate that participants embraced the notion of forming and being part of a learning community, were willing to participate in using the system in their courses, and suggested some improvements for better use of the system.

KEYWORDS: Content Management System (CMS), ICT, Teacher Training, Blended Learning.