A Multi-Channel Approach For Collaborative Web-Based Learning

Azeta A. A.

This paper describes an architectural framework and a prototype implementation of a web-based multi-channel e-Learning application that allows students, lecturers and the research communities to collaborate irrespective of the communication device a user is carrying. The application was developed based on the concept of ‘right once run on any browser’ for different range of devices including WAP Phones, Laptop/Personal Computer(PC), Pocket PC and Personal Digital Assistants(PDAs), on a three tier architecture – the client tier, web server tier and database tier. As supported in traditional classroom, some requirements for e-Learning were acquired and corresponding application modules to service each requirement were identified. A prototype application was developed for one of the modules – File Transfer module using Microsoft Visual Studio.Net platform. The architecture will serve as a reference for the research communities and software developers in the area of multi-channel support for e-Learning web application. The e-Learning application when fully implemented will provide a basic platform for learning and enable students in remote locations have access to costly and scarce scientific equipment for carrying out experiments in the laboratory

KEYWORDS: Multi-channel, e-Learning, WAP, PDA, Collaboration, Internet