Strategic Intervention Of Odl In Diploma 
In Youth Development Works In Bangladesh

A. Q. M. Bazlur RASHID

Diploma in Youth Development Work (DYDW) imparted through distance mode which was introduced at Bangladesh Open University (BOU) in 1999 aiming at accessible and flexible learning opportunities to the young men and women involved in youth development activities and prepare the participating youth towards performing active and constructive role in the regeneration of their fellow youth to become effective partners in socio-economic development. The program feature and success and failure of the enrolled students have been discussed. Rural and urban, male and female, government and non-government, and gender issues were considered in the study for the enrolled students. Up to 2006, three cycles of the program have been completed and 25%, 27% and 16% of the students respectively of 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycle could successfully complete. The dropout rate of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycle were 51%, 41% and 67% respectively. The drop out rate is very high and increasing day by day. The reasons of high dropout rate might be due to language difficulty, lack of proper recommendation in high competitive job opportunities, lack of service incentives, financial support, scholarship/fellowship and recognition as cadre service by the Government. Service incentives to the diploma graduates have been suggested to reduce the attrition rate.

KEYWORDS: DYDW, Distance Education, Dropout, CYP, BOU