NOTE FOR EDITOR: Synchronous Meetings: A Way To Put Personality In An Online Class

Barba Aldis, PATTON

Synchronous meetings provide both professor and student the advantages of face to face (traditional) class meetings while in reality they can be many miles apart. With today’s lifestyle it is not always possible for students to attend classes on a physical campus in a specific city at a specific time. The use of synchronous meetings allow the online classes to be supplemented with online office sessions, study sessions, special instruction, brain storming get togethers, collaborations, etc. The meetings can be held almost any time 24/7 that is agreeable with the participants. In 2008, it seems that everyone is concerned about confidentially. Synchronous meetings allow both professor and student to meet and all personal information such as cell phone number, home phone and personal address are not known unless someone wants to divulge such information. A few simple rules, which are included in the article, can and will help to make all meetings more success for all.

KEYWORDS: Synchronous meetings, Distance Education, Online Classes