NOTE FOR EDITOR: Lifelong Learning Through Mentoring Process
And Its Operational Dimensions In Society


Learning is an unending, abstract and invisible process that permeates everyone’s life, whether young or old, rich or poor, educated or illiterate. Learning is also an embodiment of education which transcends the four-walls of the classroom. Therefore, education is an added knowledge to one’s existing knowledge which is expected to lead to behavioral modification on the part of the educatee, whose efficiency and performance in his/her daily activities should consequently improve positively. In the same vein, mentoring has a multi-faceted dimension, not limited only to the education industry but also includes all other aspects of human development process. Therefore, this paper analyses the varying dimensions of mentoring phenomenon which may be characterized by flexibility of learning process among different groups of people in any given society. The totality of such a learning encounter through mentoring process is aimed at achieving an all-round development of an individual, whether such is from cognitive, psychomotor or affective domain!