Inservice Training (Inset) Programs Via Distance
Education: Primary School Teachers’ Opinions

Rasit OZEN

The aim of this study is to investigate primary school teachers’ opinions in relation to inservice training (INSET) programs via distance education. The subjects of this study were primary school teachers (n=70) working in the city center of Bolu-Turkey in the spring semester of 2006–2007 academic year. During the study, the qualitative data were collected through semi-structured interviews held with primary school teachers by the researcher. The results of the interviews revealed that the INSET needs of the participants should be analyzed before these programs start, the instructional activities of these programs should emphasize the application of the topic areas studied during these programs, should emphasize the active participation of the participants to the program in order to meet their INSET needs and an evaluation of the program should be made when these programs are over in order to examine to what extent the objectives of the program are achieved.

KEYWORDS: In-service Training (INSET) Programs, Primary School Teachers, Distance Education