The Effects Of Interactive Learning Environments On Cooperative Learning Achievement And Student Anxiety In Environmental Education


All events in the world are caused by chemical events and reactions. One of the most important aims of life chemistry is bringing up individuals who have sensitivity towards the environment and environmental awareness; could apply their learnt knowledge to daily issues and problems; have the ability to comment and adopt their knowledge into different situations. In order to achieve these aims, it is of great importance to train students of all levels and create awareness in the society. Therefore, life chemistry has been emphasized together with what could be done about it and how it could be integrated into the curriculum including which applications should be done at which level. This study aimed to investigate the effect of distance education and technology assisted cooperative learning projects on students’ achievement and attitude in “Chemistry events and concepts in our life”. In the light of this aim, student achievement scores as outcomes of student cooperative learning projects were evaluated together with technology attitude scale.

KEYWORDS: Distance Education, Interactive Learning Environment, Cooperative Learning, Student Achievement, Attitude, Life Chemistry