NOTE FOR EDITOR: PDA Mobile Learning Using Indoor Intelligent Wireless Whiteboard

Abdurazzag Ali ABURAS

The main issue concerned in education system is whether the typical way of teaching martial such as whiteboard in normal classroom is capable of deliver must of the new course martial (curriculum) with best result of learning. Mobile technology have a high potential for improved learning (T. Liu, 2003)( J. Massy ,2002). Mobile devices can enhance learning and it could be through Mobile Learning (M-Learning) which is an approach to electronic learning (E-Learning) (A. Kukulska-Hulme, 2005). This paper is focusing on the main problem exists in the classroom which is how a student can copy all the material written on the white board without losing the concentration of the lecturer's speech. Also the paper is explores what factors and design requirements are needed for M-Learning environment and suggests how M-Learning application can be designed. The following section definition of the mobile network is given. In the section three, reviews the literature review and previous work for M-Learning applications. Section four designs and analysis of the M-Learning environment is described. The final section provide conclusion and future work.