A Preliminary Evaluation of the Distance English Language Teacher Training Program (Delttp) in Anadolu University, Turkey

Cagri Ozkose BIYIK

This paper presents a preliminary evaluation of a relatively new interactive distance learning model for training English language teachers in Turkey. The Distance English Language Teacher Training Program (DELTTP) was established as a result of the contractual agreement between the Ministry of National Education and Eskisehir Anadolu University, Turkey in 2000, whose goal is to train a sufficient number of EFL teachers, in the shortest time possible, without abandoning the high quality of professional training provided heretofore (AOF, 2006). In order to seek objective information regarding their current status as well as to obtain opinion data concerning their perceptions of the adequacy of their education, 2004 and 2005 graduates of the DELTTP Program were administered questionnaires. Four interviews were conducted with different stakeholders. The results and statistics indicate that DELTTP is presently unable to train English teachers of the desired number and in a short period of time due to a variety of factors; however, the program has been successful in maintaining a high standard of quality and has not abandoned the essentials needed for foreign language teacher education.

KEYWORDS: Anadolu University DELTTP Program, Distance Education, Foreign Language Teacher Education, Program Evaluation