Developing Course Materials for Open and Distance Learning: BOU Perspective

Mohammad Habibur RAHMAN

Developing course materials for Open and distance learning is a continuous process. A variety of staffs with a wide range of expertise are involved in producing a distance education course. That means a team of academics involved in distance education will be responsible to develop each program. The material development strategies for each subject is centered on the team approach to compare teaching techniques for traditional and distance learning and emphasize the need for planning and the role of each team member. Coordinator, authors, referee, instructional designers, editors (structural and style editor), graphic artists, and media specialists are included in the team. Sometimes times they meet together and to discuss and finalize the ultimate layout of a course book. This paper discusses how to design and develop distance learning course materials and how Bangladesh Open University (BOU) adopted a team approach in developing its formal programs.

KEYWORDS: Developing Course Materials; Open and distance learning, BOU