XLearning Object Organization Behaviors In a Home-Made Learning Content Management System

Huseyin SIMSEK

This study designed, implemented and evaluated a learning content management system to facilitate creating both standard based and free style learning objects. The system, BULeCoMas, also enabled users to tag learning objects with usage data and tools supported with components accommodated under a Global Activity Center, are Global Task Pool, Experience Repository and Learner Record Repository. This study examined whether the experience in information technology use affect e-learning object authors’; Ø use of assets, Ø organization of assets and Ø embedding of instructional elements into their content authoring. The system, enabling common standards of reusable learning objects, was tested for ease of use with thirty-four novice and experienced preservice teachers. The participants found the system easy to use in general, novice and experienced information technology users were able to develop learning objects similar in size and features. The study suggests some further work for using the same system in collaborative learning object authoring.

KEYWORDS: Elements of Learning Object; Learning Object; Content Management System