Role and Effectiveness of Electronic Media in Higher Education-With Special Reference to Tamilnadu


Radio has been the most economical, long-standing and the most widely present among various electronic media. Despite the arrival of various media options, radio continues to remain as one of the dominant media among the public. Reports confirm that it has supported educational programs in a wide range of subject areas in many different countries.In this context, a research study was conducted on the patterns of radio listening among different categories of students such as urban and rural, male and female, distance and regular modes, English and other mediums of various branches of study. Examining notions on the possession, purpose, place, frequency, timing and duration of usage of radio programs in higher education in general and specific educational channel in particular, the study has assessed the outcomes indicated by user-satisfaction on radio. Findings of the study revealed that there is inadequate knowledge among students about the existence of educational radio. Opinions on program quality suggested a number of improvements to be made in order to enhance the reach of the media. The suggestions include the need to make the programs more interactive, localized and curriculum-based.

KEYWORDS: Educational Radio; Gyanvani; Listening pattern; Awareness of Radio; Possession of Radio; Mode of study, Anna University