The Use of WebCt in Distance Learning Course in University of Manchester

Rosman AHMAD

The World Wide Web impacted the educational model and became part of distance education in this early century. There were many changes taking place in higher education for political, economic and educational reasons. New goals and educational objectives are being set within educational institutions. There were particular emphases to produce a more effective delivery of learning methods for distance learning students. The use of Internet was seen as an important issue in the development of an understanding of the complex process of instilling knowledge to post graduates students. Well-established universities are re-examining their missions and looking for different ways of providing lifelong education. The Building Division of the MACE was particularly keen to increase the use of web-based learning in its courses, which will increase the amount of students enrolled into these programmes, help them learn in a flexible and workable manner. This paper describes the outline for the design and development of a distance-learning module. Some benefits and setbacks will be discussed and recommendation for future improvement explained.

KEYWORDS: Distance Education, Evaluation Methodologies, Postgraduates Programme, e-Learning, Teaching/Learning Strategies