The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education

REVIEW: Measurement in Distance Education

Reviewed By Mehmet KOKOC

The growing interest in distance education technologies bring together a critical question on whether online and distance learning is as effective as face-to-face learning. This skepticism requires employing best approaches and robust instruments to evaluate online and distance education (Lowenthal & Davidson-Shivers, 2019). Researchers and instructional designers examine learning process in distance education for building better online learning experiences. To ensure the quality of distance education, institutions basically emphasis on well-designed course, effective technologies, online instructors with high competence, and effective learning outcomes. What is important at this point is to evaluate efficacy of distance education using robust and valid instruments, scales and measurements. In this respect, the book titled Measurements in distance education: A Compendium of instruments, scales, and measures for evaluating online learning by Catalano (2018) has set out to provide a large manual including more than fifty instruments, scales and questionnaire with useful description on their psychometric properties.

KEYWORDS: Distance Education