Television as an Educational Technology: Using Television at Open Education Faculty, Anadolu Universty

Assist. Prof. Dr. Mediha SAGLIK
Assist. Prof. Dr. Serap OZTURK

In distance education, it is a fact that the rate of learning has increased by the help of augmenting variety of technologies. Television, as an audio-visual medium, is one of the effective media in distance education by its characteristics like widespread coverage of audience, supplying equality of opportunity, transmitting the human resources to big audience mass. In distance education the lack of mutual interaction and face to face education are important. As well, another problem is to overcome the loneliness feeling of the students. It is possible to make use of television programs both to obtain face to face education, mutual interaction and to create the feeling of state of belonging. Open Education Faculty (OEF) has benefit from educational television programs to prop up and to consolidate printed materials. Being parallel to tendency of individualism, OEF is producing live broadcasts which supplies face to face communication besides the programs providing the feeling of belonging over the students. This will be evaluated in the announcement.

KEYWORDS: Distance Education, Open Education Faculty, Anadolu University, Television.