Communication Barriers: A Study of Eastern Mediterranean University Students’ and Teachers’ of Online Program and Courses

Aytekin ISMAN

This research study defines communication barriers in online program and courses by determining the perceptions of students and teachers at Eastern Mediterranean University. It aims to get the answers of question which is what sorts of problems students and teachers face while being involved in online courses and online program. Distance Education, in other words, online programs and online courses is the new challenge that universities face in the knowledge age in order to adapt to contemporary changes. Therefore; most of the universities try to improve their educational systems in relation to the demands of students by presenting alternatives depending on participants’ interests and needs. Eastern Mediterranean University has started to implement distance education program and online courses to meet the demands of its students with the support of developing technologies and trends. Communication is an essential concept in online context to define the effectiveness and quality of these systems in regards of having qualified communication among participants that provides mutual understanding in educational context for efficient outcomes. For having effective online system, defining the communication barriers is an important process. Therefore; multiple qualitative and quantitative research approaches under mixed approach are used to be aware of communication barriers in online context and make participants to revamp the system by eliminating the weaknesses of the existing system and adapting to new trends that teachers and students have experienced.

KEYWORDS: Communication Barriers, Eastern Mediterranean University, Online Program Online Courses