The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education

Perceptions and Opinions of Graduates about the Effects of Open and Distance Learning in Turkey


Open and distance learning in higher education provides an opportunity to individuals who cannot attend university full time on campus. Urban area residents especially have an advantage by accessing such higher education. There are almost three million people who receive university education in this way, and almost 1,5 million students in the Open and Distance Learning System at Anadolu University. On campus university graduates can also register for any department as a second university to receive university education in the Open and Distance Learning System. Therefore, the number of students and graduates increase every year. The purpose of this study is to analyze the role of the Open and Distance Learning System at Anadolu University, which has helped Turkish higher education by means of increasing economic and social welfare. To achieve the goal, 9131 graduates were surveyed. The results indicate that the Open and Distance Learning System in question has been effective with regard to their employment status (before and after education), income levels and their social-economic welfare positions.

KEYWORDS: Educational leaders, educational policy, distance education, distance learning, opinions of graduates.

DOI : 10.17718/tojde.690369