The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education

Evaluating Learners’ Vocabulary Gain and Retention in an E-Learning Context Using Vocabulary Podcasting Tasks: A Case Study

Hossein Heidari TABRIZI

The advent of new technologies and rapid growth of online distance education have fostered interaction as well as collaboration among learners and created a true learning community. Moreover, forming synchronous and asynchronous learning networks utilizing the Internet have been simplified by new technologies. Since the importance of technology is undeniable, teachers and instructors must use it to create new opportunities and experiences for educators. The present study investigates the use of audio podcast plus still pictures and audio podcasts plus animated pictures on learners’ vocabulary gain and retention in a process-oriented approach. The results indicate that the participants who received audio plus animated pictures had higher levels of vocabulary gain as well as retention. The present study showed that podcasting is an influential tool to course resources and increases the contact between students and teachers.

KEYWORDS: online distance education, vocabulary podcasting tasks, vocabulary gain, vocabulary retention

DOI : 10.17718/tojde.728162