The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education

Analysis of Distance Education Business Models in Brazilian Private Higher Education Institutions

Lidiane Campos BRITTO
Sergio Feliciano CRISPIM

This article is based on a research whose objective was to create and analyze the undergraduate business model taxonomy in Distance Education (DE) modality at private Higher Education Institutions in Brazil. As methodological procedure, a survey was conducted from August to November 2017, with 43 Brazilian institutions and a cluster analysis. The analysis resulted in the formation of two to three groups (clusters) in each of the nine business model building blocks explored in the literature review, in a total of 24 groups. From these groupings and the analysis of each group characteristics, their taxonomic classifications were created, that is, the main objective of this work. Two distinct and recurrent business models in distance education were also identified and analyzed, based on the 43 surveyed institutions study.

KEYWORDS: Business model. Distance education. Taxonomy.

DOI : 10.17718/tojde.727981