The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education

Operational Indicators of the Learning Management System in Virtual Spaces Supported by ICT


The paper presents the conceptual framework and operational indicators of the Learning Management System in virtual spaces supported by ICT. The framework of the management system has three layers that are operational, management-operative, and management-decision. The conceptual foundation of the system is related to the Science of Education, the Science of Computing and the Science of Administration, and takes into account the representative model of the teaching-learning process of the student in virtual spaces supported by ICT. The dimensions, characteristics, variables, and indicators of the management system are assembled on the model in question. The indicators presented in the article correspond to 153 indicators of the operational layer. These were evaluated internationally with a confidence level of more than 90%. The operative indicators are contained in the dimensions of identification, academic, pedagogical-didactic, formative, of assessment of the virtual learning, and technological of the system of management of the virtual learning. The importance of the indicators presented ensures the success of the operational phase of the management system. Therefore, once the operation of the system is guaranteed, the success of the management-operative and management-decision layers of the system is assured. The correct fulfillment of the layers above guarantees the achievement of both the student’s learning in the virtual course and the institution that offers virtual teaching through virtual learning platforms supported by ICT.

KEYWORDS: LMS with ICT, operation-management-decision in eLearning, operative indicators, virtual learning.

DOI : 10.17718/tojde.601907