The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education

Organizational, Psychological and Pedagogical Conditions for the Use of E-Books and e-Textbooks at School


The article defines the organizational, psychological and pedagogical conditions for the use of e-books and e-textbooks at school. The difference between e-books and e-textbooks is distinguished on the basis of systematization and comparison of scientific positions. Content analysis is made to determine the organizational and pedagogical conditions for the introduction of e-textbooks. The experience of using e-textbooks and e-books at school was generalized based on the results of a regional experiment, in which 25 schools participated. The results of the survey and questioning of 352 students, 296 teachers, and 357 parents are described. The results reveal the needs of respondents in e-textbooks and e-books, identify the advantages and disadvantages of their implementation. The main organizational, psychological and pedagogical conditions are defined. These are educational policy concerning the introduction of eLearning (requirements for mandatory e-textbooks, financial support for purchasing and updating, examination, standards for e-textbooks), availability and diversity of e-textbooks and e-books on the market of educational services, logistic, educational and methodological support of educational institutions, ergonomics, readiness of teachers, students, their parents to use e-textbooks and e-books, digital competence of teachers and students.

KEYWORDS: e-Book, e-textbook, e-learning, interactive e-tutorials, digital textbooks.

DOI : 10.17718/tojde.598227