The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education

REVIEW: Making Online Teaching Accessible: Inclusive Course Design for Students with Disabilities

Reviewed By Suleyman ARI

Recent developments in information and communication technologies has led to the explosion of online learning. In addition, with the improvement in assistive technologies, people with disabilities have the chance to access to information and learning, which is incomparable to the former times. Assistive technologies are specialized software and hardware, which include screen readers, screen magnification, voice recognition and Braille keyboards. As a result, education has become much more egalitarian and inclusive. Norman Coombs provides a wonderful catalogue of means, tools, guidelines, decisions and legislations towards a more equitable as well as more inclusive design of courses in so far as online education is concerned. According to Coombs, accessibility means the online course contents can be used effectively by disabled learners. Coombs indicates that the book is intended for the teachers and instructional design staff.

KEYWORDS: Online Teaching, Course Design