The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education

The Effectiveness of E-Learning Environment in Developing Academic Achievement and the Attitude to Learn English among Primary Students


The present study aimed to identify the effectiveness of e-learning environment in developing academic achievement and the attitude towards learning English among the 5th grade primary students. To achieve this purpose, an e-learning environment is designed and an achievement test and a scale for measuring attitude towards learning English are prepared. The quasi-experimental approach was applied to a sample of the 5th grade students, divided into a control group taught through the traditional method and an experimental group taught through an e-learning environment. The achievement test and English learning attitude scale were applied pre- and post- teaching. The study concluded that there were statistically significant differences in favor of the experimental group in both the post-achievement test and English learning attitude scale.

KEYWORDS: E-learning environments, academic achievement, attitude, English language learning.

DOI : 10.17718/tojde.557862