REVIEW: Teaching in A Digital Age: Guidelines for Designing Teaching and Learning for A Digital Age

Reviewed by Hulya DUZENLI

The rapid digitalization of our everyday life has had an inevitable reflection on education and instructors at universities have been caught unprepared. The question of how to give effective education within the dynamics of the digital age to diverse student groups with different tendencies and expectations has already been the most important issue among the instructors following the new trends in education. However, in some other cases, as written in the first scenario at the beginning of the book, universities have had their instructors give blended or hybrid classes all of a sudden at the beginning of the semester. Tony Bates, an expert in the field of educational technology and the author of the book, is giving instructors what they need and more in this book. As he states in his podcast, this book addresses the very neglected area of how to teach in a digital age by “providing knowledge (to the instructors) so that they can make appropriate choices about how they want to teach”.

KEYWORDS: Digital Age, Guidelines for Designing Teaching and Learning