REVIEW: Administrative Leadership in Open and Distance Learning Programs

Reviewed by Abdulkadir KARADENIZ

Open and Distance Learning (ODL) is part of the mainstream education and, as a pragmatist field, subject to constant changes. Definition of the ODL refers to flexibility in time and space, efforts to support lifelong learning and remove the barriers between learners and learning sources. Its success and effectivenes, in addition to many other factors, is strongly related to teaching and learning methods used at all levels of education, classroom and school management, planning, guidance and organizational processes. In this regard, to revisit administrative leadership in ODL appear to be an important need to contribute to the field and existing literature with up-to-date knowledge. An excellent strategy for adopting changes is to map and identify changes and behave accordingly. In this context this book, Administrative Leadership in Open and Distance Learning Programs, by Buyuk, Kocdar, and Bozkurt, exactly focuses on aims to fill this gap by addressing management and leadership issues in open and distance learning.

KEYWORDS: Administrative Leadership, Open and Distance Learning, Distance Learning Programs