The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education

Revisiting Innovations in ELT through Online Classes: An Evaluation of the Approaches of 10 Minute School

Faheem Hasan SHAHED
Mohammad Mosiur RAHMAN
Abdul Rashid MOHAMED

The ubiquity with regard to technology and availability of social media offered an unorthodox avenue to impart education. Concerning language teaching and learning, the meticulous use of such online platforms has been overtly observed. They become didactic concerning the issue that typical classrooms often exert gaps in terms of students’ learning. 10 Minute School, a platform to infuse language teaching and learning through Facebook live classes, undertakes the responsibility to bridge the gaps yielded from traditional English language classroom in an EFL context. The aim of the current study was to carry out a subtle analysis concerning the design of this online learning program in relation to Cognitive Load Theory (CLT) and its implication to e-learning. The study adopted the deductive method of content analysis. The themes have been shaped based on the teaching contents of 10 Minute School. The findings suggested that the approach undertaken by 10 Minute School for its online teaching and learning was instrumental to students’ quick learning.

KEYWORDS: EFL, e-learning, online teaching, Facebook, CLT.

DOI : 10.17718/tojde.522729