Supporting Faculty to Face Challenges in Design and Delivery of Quality Courses in Virtual Learning Environments

Francis KIBARU

Existing guidelines, standards, and frameworks for addressing quality of online courses often highlight the importance of setting up effective systems to support faculty in overcoming the emerging challenges they face in design and delivery of these courses. However, not much information is available in literature on the means of tackling these difficulties, which are ever evolving in line with the dynamic nature of learning technologies and mode of teaching and learning in virtual environments. This qualitative study sought to identify these challenges and emerging solutions. Data was collected using interviews with academic administrators and faculty experienced in design and delivery of online courses and programs. As a result, several themes emerged, among them the need for an academic institution to dynamically adapt its mission and culture to the evolving nature of online teaching and learning. Other emergent challenges and suggested solutions are discussed.

KEYWORDS: Faculty support, online learning, distance education, e-learning.

DOI : 10.17718/tojde.471915