REVIEW: Posthumanism and Massive Open Online Course Contaminating the Subject of Global Education

Reviewed By Hakan ALTINPULLUK

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) is one of the revolutionary online learning applications in this period, in which communication technologies connect the Earth, that brings academicians in the most elite universities to individuals who are autonomous in a remote corner of the world and learns to study on his own. Although MOOC concept, in academic circles, are perceived as free and open online courses being given by respected academics from elite universities around the world, the theoretically criticized studies are rare. This book titled "Post-humanism and the Massive Open Online Course: Contaminating the Subject of Global Education" has made critical analysis through theoretical frameworks by approaching the MOOCs which have become very popular in recent years and attracted attention, with a critical perspective. While the book is making these analyzes, it uses "critical post humanism", a well-structured form of humanism derived from philosophical and critical theory, an umbrella concept covering many theories. Jeremy Knox, the author of the book, has turned his thesis into a book due to the fact that there are not many critical analyses for online education and MOOC concepts. The book, consisting of 5 chapters and 238 pages, has first been published by Routledge in 2016.