Automated Quality Assurance of Educational Testing

Rositsa DONEVA

This paper presents a study on known approaches for quality assurance of educational test and test items. On its basis a comprehensive approach to the quality assurance of online educational testing is proposed to address the needs of all stakeholders (authors of online tests, teachers, students, experts, quality managers, etc.). According to the proposed approach is developed an original software application Test Quality Evaluation (TQE) for the automation of the stakeholders’ activities for quality assurance of educational tests throughout the whole lifecycle. The application retrieves and provides analysis of data from online tests conducted and specially designed surveys for quality evaluation of educational tests by students and experts. It allows tracking and evaluating the quality of educational tests in real time and provides the related quantitative data in different levels of generalization – in the level of a separate educational test, of educational tests of an entire course, or educational tests of a subject area. The software application has been put under real-time testing for quality evaluation of educational tests, included in e-learning courses from different subject areas that prove its applicability.

KEYWORDS: Assessment quality, educational testing, automated quality assurance, online tests and test items quality.

DOI : 10.17718/tojde.444961