Modelling the Determinants of Effective Online Tutoring Programs

Maximus Gorky SEMBIRING

Determinants of effective online tutoring program were modelled and elucidated in this report. It was aimed at clarifying influential factors, how and in what behaviors they were interrelated observed by Universitas Terbuka students. Exploratory-design was adopted; it was qualitatively ascertained first that conceptually five foremost factors involved. They were operationally instigated as: perception of technology, rational for using Internet, perception of media support; tutor learning strategy; effective online tutoring support. Quantitatively, they were independent, moderating and dependent variables respectively. Instruments in the form of list of queries and questionnaires for qualitative and quantitative purposes respectively were elaborated related to those five variables involved. Respondents were proportionally selected by distributing 600 questionnaires to 5,500 students under scholarship scheme, 283 were finally completed. Seven out of nine hypotheses established were validated using structural-equation model (SEM). It was detected that effective online tutorial was influenced by tutor learning strategy followed by rational for using Internet and perception of technology. Tutor strategy was influenced by rational using Internet and perception of technology. Perceptions of technology and media support were influenced by rational using Internet. Inattentively, qualitative approach was improperly verified by quantitative, since effective tutoring and tutor strategy were not influenced by media perception.

KEYWORDS: Exploratory-design, online tutorial, tutor learning strategy, SEM.

DOI : 10.17718/tojde.445114