REVIEW: Call Teacher Education: Language Teachers and Technology Integration

Reviewed By Yildiz TERZIOGLU

As the title suggests, Simone Torsani’s book sets out to bridge the gap that exists between the theory and the practice about the integration of technology in distance language learning. The book is comprised of ten chapters with two sets of aims which are raising teachers’ awareness to computer-assisted materials and procedures about the integration of technology in distance language teaching. The chapters are structured to address different topics such as Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) training activities, designing a computer assisted language learning course and processes in Computer Assisted Language Learning Teacher Education (CTE) for the internet. Above all, the technologically skilled teachers are associated with “the mythological character of Daedalus” in the introductory section (p. xvi). The book calls for all teacher trainers to put themselves in language teachers’ shoes in order to see computer-assisted language learning not independent from the language acquisition theory. Therefore, language teachers need to implement and practise developing online materials to address their learners’ linguistic difficulties.