The Use of A Serious Game and Academic Performance of Undergraduate Accounting Students: An Empirical Analysis

Rodrigo Fernandes MALAQUIAS
Fernanda Francielle de Oliveira MALAQUIAS

The literature on serious games (SGs) indicates that they are very useful tools to improve the teaching/learning process. In this paper, we analyze some potential benefits of a SG on academic performance of undergraduate accounting students. The database is comprised of scores obtained by students during an undergraduate discipline related with accounting history. The game was presented to the students during the academic semester of the discipline; they also developed an academic activity using the concepts of this game. The main results of the paper indicate that students who used the game and scored the maximum grade in this activity also registered higher indexes of academic performance in such discipline. These results reinforce the benefits of the SG to interact with undergraduate students and teach academic content.

KEYWORDS: Accounting, education, serious games.

DOI : 10.17718/tojde.415825