Student Teachers’ Perceptions on Educational Technologies’ Past, Present and Future

Adile Askim KURT

The aim of this study is to reveal Computer Education and Instructional Technologies student teachers’, who are in a distance teacher education program, perceptions on past, present and educational technologies of future via infographics. In this study, 54 infographics, which were created by student teachers who were enrolled in Special Teaching Methods II course at spring semester of 2013-2014 academic years, were analyzed. The infographics were analyzed via document review technique. These themes are “Educational technologies of past” (f=241), “Educational technologies of present” (f=240) and “Educational technologies of future” (f=158). Student teachers mentioned the most frequently “CD” (f=34) and “Television” (f=32) oriented to educational technologies of past. The most frequent views on educational technologies of present were “Smartboard” (f=24) and “Online Courses” (f=23). The most frequent opinion of student teachers about the educational technologies of future is “Holograms” (f=26) and “Virtual classroom” (f=22).

KEYWORDS: Infographics, educational technologies, classrooms of future.

DOI : 10.17718/tojde.382782