EFL Learners’ Satisfaction with the Online Learning Program, Tell Me More


This study investigated EFL learners’ satisfaction with the asynchronous online learning program Tell Me More (TMM). 340 EFL learners’ satisfaction with the TMM program was surveyed. In addition, a semi-structured focus group interview was conducted with 10 of the participants to gain in-depth insight into their satisfaction. The findings showed that the learners’ were highly satisfied with the vocabulary, reading and listening aspects of the program. It further indicated learners’ satisfaction to use TMM for self-study, meaningful content and its language learning potential. Moving forward, in selecting tutorial CALL programs, stakeholders could consider programs with contents that can be adapted to cater for learners’ needs and preferences. Additionally, TMM could be improved to include aspects that will help learners develop spontaneous communication skills that will appeal most to learners’ interest. Furthermore, CALL programmers are enlightened on aspects in online learning programs that does not only satisfy EFL learners the most but also aspects that needs to be improved to ensure maximum satisfaction. Further research could consider how learners’ perceptions influence their satisfaction and how it translates to overall learners’ achievement.

KEYWORDS: Learners’ satisfaction, Tell Me More, asynchronous online learning program, EFL learners.

DOI : 10.17718/tojde.382798