Determinants of Student Satisfaction in Online Tutorial: A Study of A Distance Education Institution


Education system nowadays tends to utilize online learning, including in higher education. Online learning system becomes a major requirement in implementing learning process, including in Indonesia. Universitas Terbuka has implemented online learning system known as online tutorials to support the distance learning system. One interesting issue that needs to be explored is to analyze factors that can influence students’ satisfaction in online tutorials. This research aims to analyze factors that determine student satisfaction in online tutorials and what factors that need to be improved. Research procedure includes collecting data via email, validity test, reliability test, and hypothesis test using multiple linear regression. This paper will discuss the results of research procedures to find out what factors are affecting student satisfaction and some improvements required based on the viewpoint of the students.

KEYWORDS: Course structure, online tutorials flexibility, online tutorials quality, student satisfaction, technology quality.

DOI : 10.17718/tojde.382732