The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education

Development of Web-based Examination System Using Open Source Programming Models

Olalere A. ABASS
Babafemi O. SAMUEL

The traditional method of assessment (examination) is often characterized by examination questions leakages, human errors during marking of scripts and recording of scores. The technological advancement in the field of computer science has necessitated the need for computer usage in majorly all areas of human life and endeavors, education sector not excluded. This work, Web-based Examination System (WES) was, therefore, born out of the will to stymie the problems plaguing the conventional (paper-based) examination system by providing a campus-wide service for e-assessment devoid of irregularities and generally fair to examinees and equally enhances instant feedback. This system developed using combination of CSS, HTML, PHP SQL MySQL and Dreamweaver is capable of reducing proportion of workload on examination, grading and reviewing on the part of examiners. Thus, the system enables the release of examination results in record time and without error. WES can serve as an effective solution for mass education evaluation and offers many novel features that cannot be implemented in paper-based systems, such as real time data collection, management and analysis, distributed and interactive assessment towards promoting distance education.

KEYWORDS: Web-based examination system, e-examination, computer-based test.

DOI : 10.17718/tojde.306555