REVIEW: The World of Open and Distance Learning

Reviewed by Professor Dr. A. Haluk YUKSEL (Ph.D)

This book is edited by Dr. V. Venugopal Reddy and Dr. Manjulika Srivastava who are well known with their studies on distance education. Total of fifty-nine papers took place on the book. The authors of the papers are from many different countries and they are both designers and managers of distance training or they are studying on theoretical and practical aspects of distance education. The book contains fifty-nine papers in three major parts. Many of the papers contains tables and figures supporting the data given in the texts. In addition to this, the book also includes the list of all contributers, list of acronyms and abbreviations that ara used in the book and an author index. At the end of every paper the references takes place. Before the major parts a paper written by the editors takes place. In this paper named “Open and Distance Learning in Transition” the editors present their own point of views and definition of distance education and technology and they point out the currnt trends in this field supporting them with some tables. After this they discuss what might be the future trends are.