3-D Computer Animation Production Process on Distance Education Programs through Television: Anadolu University OEF (the Open Education Faculty) Model

Assist. Prof. Dr. Yucel GURSAC

Anadolu University began distance education applications and TV broadcasting related to this concept on 1982-1983 academic year. 3-d (three dimensional) computer animation techniques started TV be used in educational TV programs on1989, the same year when the Animation Department was established. The Animation Department, which was orginally found under the name Electronic Graphics is formed so as to benefit from the production and expression advantages of 3-d computer animation techniques which became wide-spread through technological improvements. By this study it is aimed to point out how and where 3-d computer animation techniques can be put into work usefully during the process of the production of TV educational programs of Anadolu University OEF. Besides this general goal, to state the position, importance and production levels of animation can be expressed as a sub-goal of the study. This study is limited with the usage of 3-d computer animation on educational TV programs of OEF.

KEYWORDS: Animation, Computer Animation, 3-D, TV Educational Program, Distance Education, OEF, Anadolu University.