REVIEW: Staff and Educational Development Case Studies, Experiences & Practice

Reviewed by S. K. PULIST

Staff and educational development is relatively a new field in higher education. It has recently been emerging as a systematic activity in higher education. The staff and educational development as a professional function includes teaching and training, human resource development and management, organizational development, management and implementation of policy and strategy on teaching and learning. Though earlier, it had been limited to a few common activities like workshop, training programme for new teaching staff and the provision of written and multimedia material. Different authors have tried to provide a direction to the activity of staff and educational development. The editors of the volume under review have made one such effort. Helen Edwards, David Baume and Graham Webb have tried to put at one place the experiences of the thoughtful staff and educational developers on different aspects handled by them for the benefit of the rest. The authors for such an endeavour have appropriately chosen the case study format.