Experience in Implementing Resource-Based Learning in Agrarian College of Management and Law Poltava State Agrarian Academy


The introduction of resource-based learning disciplines of computer cycles in Agrarian College. The article focused on the issue of implementation of resource-based learning courses in the agricultural cycle computer college. Tested approach to creating elearning resources through free hosting and their further use in the classroom. Noted that the use of Internet technology makes it possible to create educational environment Agrarian College is through the development and deployment of electronic educational resources on the Web, because the Internet is constantly expanding its capabilities, services, hosted with them information that is relevant in terms of education. The author proposes to consider e-learning resource "Інформатика+="Information+": http://informatika-resurs.jimdo.com which combines the characteristics and principles of creation of electronic media for educational purposes and is a modern didactic resource for the study of the disciplines of computer cycle. Demonstrates Cloud resources from the disciplines of computer cycle, e-learning content "IT–education", developed with the help of Google services for online learning. Cloud resource is a collection of electronic teaching systems such disciplines of "Computer Science and Computer Engineering", "E-commerce", "Data Protection", "Computer technologies in legal activity". The study is focused on free hosting for the development of electronic learning resources (Jimdo, uCoz), which enable the creation of a site (does not require special skills and knowledge of programming languages), fast and, most importantly, free of charge, which is particularly important given the current financial support of agricultural colleges.

KEYWORDS: Resource-based learning, e-learning resources, information and educational environment, Agrarian College

DOI : 10.17718/tojde.38232