Impact of Electronic Media in Distance Education: A Study of Academic Counsellor’s Perception

Ashwini KUMAR

The academic counselors in distance education system play a key role in enabling the students to become an active and effective learner. As a facilitator of learning, the academic counselors are aware of as how various media can be helpful to learners in terms of developing necessary skills to achieve their academic goal. This paper describes empirical findings related to the perceptions of the academic counselors on impact of using electronic media in teaching learning process of distance education system. The quality of assignment attempt by the learners, their active participation in counseling sessions, performance in Term-End Examinations, improvement in their skill of understanding the facts, attendance during counselling sessions and the over all performance of the learners were considered as the indicators for judging the impact of electronic media for the purpose of this study. The findings of this study indicated the positive perception of academic counselors regarding the impact of electronic media on various academic activities associated with teaching learning process in Distance Education.

KEYWORDS: Electronic Media, distance education, Academic Counsellor, Perception, India