Strategies for Maintaining Quality in Distance Higher Education

Sufiana Khatoon MALIK

The current paper was produced with the purpose of suggesting strategies for bringing quality in distance education programs at higher education level. In recent times distance education is becoming an indispensable part of education system globally. Every institution is trying to offer their educational course through general as well through distance education means in order to make market for its programs. There is need to introduce quality distance education programs. It can be done through bringing quality in the curriculum and instruction of distance education programs, providing students quality support services, training faculty members in innovative methods of instruction of distance education, provision of technical support for promotion of research culture, adopting multiple ways of assessment of distance students, developing code of ethics for distance education faculty members and students, provision of quality infrastructure and technology, launching courses of distance education only through approval of national accreditation council for distance education (NACDE) and taking measures of check at every delivery system of distance education courses through quality control agencies.

KEYWORDS: Strategies, quality distance education, curriculum, national accreditation council for distance education, delivery modes.

DOI : 10.17718/tojde.62095