Modular Rapid E-Learning Framework (MORELFT) in Desktop Virtualization Environment: An Effective Hybrid Implementation in Nurse Education


Generally it is not easy for an instructor to prepare and deliver electronic courses via e-learning. Therefore it is necessary to work and develop an easy system. In this context module technology was used to for provide modularity in conducting educational development of e-learning course. Then, rapid e-learning was used for more quick and easy course development. In order to implement modular rapid e-learning, a desktop virtual environment was set up. Modular rapid e-learning was used by teachers and students in a one semester course and student success and reactions were evaluated. And also the overall hybrid system cost was calculated and reported. In implementation we combined modular course design with rapid e-learning and desktop virtualization in education of 3rd year nursing students for a one semester course. The effectiveness of this hybrid method was evaluated with respect to students’ success, students’ opinions and over all cost effectiveness. It was seen that the hybrid method was educationally more effective than traditional method comparing with previous year students' success and fit with students’ requirements. The cost reduction was %41 comparing with traditional desktop and e-learning system.

KEYWORDS: Modular design, rapid e-learning, desktop virtualization, course design, modular framework, e-learning modules.

DOI : 10.17718/tojde.21716