Multivariate Analysis For The Choice And Evasion 
Of The Student In A Higher Educational Institution 
From Southern Of Santa Catarina, In Brazil

Fernanda Cristina Barbosa Pereira QUEIROZ
Robert Wayne SAMOHYL
Jamerson Viegas QUEIROZ
Nilton Cesar LIMA
Gustavo Henrique Silva de SOUZA

This paper aims to develop and implement a method to identify the causes of the choice of a course and the reasons for evasion in higher education. This way, we sought to identify the factors that influence student choice to opt for Higher Education Institution parsed, as well as the factors influencing its evasion. The methodology employed was the use of multivariate statistics to identify the factors that contribute to the process investigated. The research method was the case study of a community educational institution from Southern Santa Catarina, in Brazil. Results show that the factors that influence the choice of the Higher Education Institution are the infrastructure for the development of education, and also for the development of research and extension activities, as well as highlight the possibility of the student attending the course chosen and pursue their professional activities.

KEYWORDS: Multivariate Analysis, University Management, Evasion, HE Institution.

DOI : 10.17718/tojde.54353