Demanding Need Of Growing Technologies In Distance Learning System

Aijaz Ahmed GUJJAR

In distance education system use of different media enable the learners to start the course of study independently. The appearance of the internet and the expansion of web have now changed distance learning from a broadcasting way to an interactive way, and allowed connecting the learners and instructors who are geographically divided. Technological advances have created a paradigm shift in education and the definition of distance learning, as described by James Morrison (1996), who states that telecommunications, software, and the Internet eliminate walls and boundaries. In addition, he states that an increasing number of students want and need non-traditional, flexible schedules. Main findings of the study revealed that majority of the distance learners need growing technologies to interact with the tutors and peers for academic guidance and use of latest technologies make distance learners more up to date and helpful for better academic achievements. Majority of the students agreed that without any training distance learner cannot use growing technologies. It was recommended that AIOU may take steps to organize a specific website for the MS/M.phil and Ph.D scholars so that they can easily interact with peers and tutors. A comprehensive training programme may be launched to enable the tutors for using growing technologies so that they can facilitate the learners by using latest methods of teaching. Virtual classrooms can be started along with the workshops. Students and academicians of education department may use latest technologies and internet softwares which can be helpful for academic purpose.

KEYWORDS: Growing Technologies, Distance Learning, Allama Iqbal Open University.

DOI : 10.17718/tojde.04872