The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education

A Case Study On Student Satisfaction For Graduates 
Of The German Language Teachers’ Blended Ma Program 
Of The Hellenic Open University, Classes Of 2012 And 2013

Dimitris ZEPPOS

This paper addresses the lack of research into satisfaction assessment of post-graduate students of the Blended Distance Learning Master’s Course for Teachers of German as a Foreign Language offered by the Hellenic Open University. Through the compilation of previous questionnaires implemented for other DL programs and newly defined research problems in one online survey tool, this paper seeks to pin-point the correlation of initial expectance and final assessment of the blended course. Survey results on a case study population show that, even though the overall program seems to be appreciated, there are vast sections of the blended program that do not completely fulfill the expectations of the students. Furthermore, a need for further investigation and cross-referencing with respective studies is pointed out.

KEYWORDS: Distance Learning, Hellenic Open University, satisfaction, German Post Degree Program.

DOI : 10.17718/tojde.79777